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Going Global with Ecommerce Solution Shopify: 3 Tips to Expand Your Store in Singapore

Establishing an online presence in other countries is challenging! Here is how to go global with ecommerce solution Shopify!


With the emergence of more accessible markets and new channel technologies, international e commerce represents a huge opportunity for sellers everywhere. If establishing an online presence in other countries is in your business plan, ecommerce solution Shopify is the best ecommerce website to use.

With Shopify, you can use the ability to discover new markets with new potential buyers, cashing in on the refreshing effects of your store’s success, and increasing brand exposure on a different level.

Ecommerce solution Shopify can help you build your own online store in Singapore and run your business with ease. The Shopify App Store plays the main role in helping the merchants expand globally without breaking the bank.

Here are 3 tips that can help you prepare your new store for expansion:

  1. Speak the same language: We assume you understand the importance of having someone in your team or a business partner who is from Singapore. Having access to multiple languages for your online store and for the content on your store is an absolute must when establishing an international online presence. The Shopify App Store has access to applications that will cover all of your language needs. Two of the apps we want to recommend are Langify and WindRose.
  2. Always use a currency converter: Seeing the products in a currency your new customers are familiar with will help secure international sales. Using currency converting applications together with language apps will create a localized and shopper-friendly experience for your customers. There are some great apps you can use, for example, Currency Switcher, Coin, and Currency Converter.
  3. Offer international tracking: Being able to track the status of the product from your online store is the key to gaining trust among the new customers. When selling internationally (in this case, in Singapore), it is important to offer international tracking. With tracking service from Shopify, your store can track informational from carriers from all over the world. Some of the apps we would like to recommend are Aftership, Tracktor, and Order Lookup.

We hope this article will prepare you and your store’s international growth. Ecommerce solution Shopify offers great resources, apps, and features to make this transition. What do you think about using Shopify for running your online store in Singapore?